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Category: Version control

If ONE Version Contained ALL Versions

If Version control was a team member, what would they say? IDC data shows that “the knowledge worker spends about 2.5 hours per day, or roughly 30% of the workday, searching for information.  Really? Is this 2020 or 1992?  The thing is, the people searching for information suffer in silence. They don’t want their boss to know the time suck because a mature person should be able to stick ...

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Category: Antiquated content

Thanks, printers, you had a good run.

Dear Printers, We’ve grown up with you. You’ve provided us amazing keepsakes, made our precious words portable, and allowed us to bind, staple and paperclip to our hearts content. Admittedly, we’ve sometimes gotten frustrated with trying to format documents so they’d print perfectly from you. Occasionally our beloved 8.5 X 11 sheets would get stuck together and jam, and a project would g...

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Category: Google docs

3 PRO-TIPS for Document Managers

Top 3 PRO-TIPS from a Google Docs user, with love... As someone who used MS Word for what seems to be since birth, the move to Google Docs was a welcome (once I left working at big enterprises that is). Finally, I could say goodbye to trying to understand pagination rules with weird hidden symbols.  F-I-N-A-L-L-Y, I could stop spending hours trying to fix badly formatted nested bullets, ...

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